India : Not An Option But A Preferred Medical Tourism Destination

At the start of this century, no one could have guessed that India could grow into one of the most important medical tourism destination for patients from all around the world. Largely driven by low infrastructure costs, well trained healthcare experts & a surging economy, India displays a proven national penchant for international outsourcing of medical care. India is now beyond doubt a high value leader for the cost-conscious international medical traveler.

Medical Tourism India

Advantage India

How could anyone rebut a saving of up to 85% on high-acuity medical procedures like heart or joint replacement surgeries? India is now serving over 250,000 international patients every year within the vast subcontinent welcoming international medical travelers in many large metro cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, & Bangalore.

Overriding Other Asian Counterparts

Although other Asian counterparts have traditionally encouraged medical travel through several means including aggressively recruiting top physicians from other countries. On the contrary, India relies on some of the world renowned finest physicians & surgeons bred internally. In fact, tens of thousands of Indian doctors have joined & serve hospitals in other countries outside their homeland. A last count says that about 35,000 Indian medical doctors serve in United States alone, with more than one in six US surgeon is of Indian origin. Thanks to the excellent in-country teaching, including hospitals & research centers, that India is in this commanding position.

Why Postpone Healthcare Treatments

Isn’t it true that you have been postponing that expensive coronary angioplasty or important organ transplant for the past few months? Time you considered India for you can now avail high-quality medical treatments including surgery at low cost. Canadians, Americans & Europeans are increasingly seeking Indian healthcare facilities for expensive treatments. Most medical tourists can now save tens of thousands of dollars from medical treatments in India when compared to the costs they would incur at home for similar procedures. Moreover, India’s domestic health policy encourages medical tourism as part of economic ‘export’ activities.

Medical Tourism a.k.a. Health Tourism

Despite global economic outlook, India has been cruising along a 30% annual growth rate. Capitalizing on a low-cost & high-quality equation, India is surging ahead of any competition. Sensing opportunity, many countries have also developed speedy links for treatments in India. Several international healthcare giants like Wockhardt, Fortis, Columbia Asia, Max Healthcare & Apollo have set up chains in the country to as to cater to the influx of international patients in the country.

Affordable Medical Solutions with Indian Med Trip

IndianMedTrip is one of the fastest growing medical tourism companies in India. Catering to a wide spectrum of international patients seeking affordable healthcare solutions beyond borders, IndianMedTrip has tie-ups with the best hospitals in the country so as to provide you excellent low-cost medical treatment packages. Focused & committed to provide you leading edge medical technology alongside end-to-end solutions starting from visa assistance to a successful departure, Indian Med Trip will see that you face no inconvenience throughout your medical journey.

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