Endoscopic Tummy Tuck Surgery -Scar Less Way To Tuck That Tummy

What is endoscopic tummy tuck surgery?

Endoscopic tummy tuck surgery is a minimally invasive abdominoplasty procedure. This surgery is performed using endoscope. An endoscope is a fiber optic instrument that helps the surgeon to see into a body cavity. A small incision is made in the abdomen. The endoscope is inserted into the area of the surgery through the incision. Endoscopic tummy tucks surgery results in fewer side effects such as swelling, scarring, bruising and shorter time for recovery as compared to any other methods.

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Candidates for endoscopic tummy tuck surgery

  • The candidate should be in a good physically healthy.
  • The candidate should have a stable weight.
  • The candidate should have realistic expectations.
  • The candidate should be a non-smoker.
  • The candidate should carry excess weight in the midsection.
  • The candidate should have loose or droopy skin around the abdomen.

Advantages of endoscopic tummy tuck surgery

  • Endoscopic tummy tuck surgery is a less traumatic intervention no long incision are made.
  • This surgery is performed without scarring.
  • The post-operative complications are very less.
  • Easier recovery period.
  • The wound heals faster and easier.
  • The patient feels less pain.
  • Endoscopic tummy tuck can also be combined with liposuction.

Endoscopic tummy tucks surgical procedure

An endoscopic tummy tuck is generally performed under general anesthesia. The endoscope is used to in the surgery. The surgeon makes several small incisions with the aid of an endoscope which is a lighted tube with a camera on the end of it. Incisions are made in the pubic bone in or around the abdomen so the scars are barely visible and are easily concealed. The surgeon tightens the abdominal muscles and sutures them into place and restoring a toned appearance to the abdominal area. In many cases, liposuction is used in to improve the contour of the abdomen during an endoscopic tummy tuck. The surgeon then closes the incisions.

Risks of endoscopic tummy tuck surgery

  • Infection
  • Formation of hematoma.
  • Seroma in the tissues.
  • Numbness in the abdomen.
  • Fever.
  • Swelling.
  • Slow healing.
  • Chills.
  • Sweating.
  • Pain.
  • A greenish tint to the liquid draining from the incision.
  • Excessively steady drainage fluid.

 Endoscopic tummy tucks surgery in India

Tummy tuck surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery which removes the excess fats, sagging skin, reduce stretch marks, tighten the muscles and makes it thin and firm. Endoscope tummy tuck surgeries are very popular for people who have had a massive weight loss post-pregnancy, flabby abdomen or sagging skin. Post-surgery the patient experience improved self-esteem; boost confidence and improved quality life. Endoscope tummy tuck surgeries are available in India at the most affordable costs as compared to any other country. Many patients from different countries come to India and undergo endoscope tummy tuck surgery. IndianMedTrip is associated with a large network of bariatric surgeons. IndianMedTrip Healthcare Consultants helps you find the best bariatric surgeon and healthcare facility in India. A wide range of services is offered by IndianMedTrip at a very low price. IndianMedTrip is a one stop shop for all your medical needs.

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