How To Select A Best Liver Transplant Hospital In India?

Liver transplantation is a surgical procedure which is used to replace the diseased or damaged liver with a healthy liver from a donor. Liver transplantation is recommended to individuals who are suffering from acute liver failure, end- stage liver disease, primary sclerosing cholangitis, hepatitis C infection, liver cirrhosis, and primary biliary cirrhosis. Liver transplantation is one of the most complicated surgeries which is why undergoing the liver transplant from the best surgeon and healthcare facilities is important. Following are some of the points you should consider while choosing the best liver transplant hospital in India:-

liver transplant 1


Researching the Center’s Performance: –  Choosing the best liver transplant is a very important decision. While choosing the best hospital for liver transplant you should see whether there the hospital offers multidisciplinary team under one roof such as the best surgeons, immunologist, nutrition, transplant pharmacy, laboratory services etc. You should consider the following points such as:-

  • The length of the waiting list.
  • The average length of stay at the hospital after surgery.
  • The number of liver transplants performed by the healthcare facilities per year.
  • The experience of the surgeons performing the live transplant.

Referrals or reputation: – A good reputation across a broad range of sources is something to look for while choosing the best hospital for the liver transplant. Reputation or referrals are a good place to start while shortlisting hospital for the liver transplant. Ask people whose opinions you trust for recommendations. If you searching hospital for liver transplant online you should go to their website, ratings, testimonials and reviews which can be very helpful.

Location: – Locations play an important role while undergoing any treatment as you will have many appointments and visits to hospitals. It is important that you meet these appointments. Find a healthcare facility that is easy for you to travel frequently.

Cost: – Cost is another most important consideration while choosing a hospital for the liver transplant. You should choose a hospital for a liver transplant that provides you with the best facilities and has the best state of the art, infrastructure which is accessible at affordable costs.

Up-to-date technology: – While choosing the hospital for liver transplant you should see whether the hospital is equipped with the latest technology and equipment’s used for liver transplant.

Consider Listing at Multiple Centers: – Every healthcare facility for liver transplant has certain rules and regulations of who can receive a transplant.

Liver transplantation in India

Undergoing Liver transplantation in western countries can be very expensive whereas it is available in India at the exceptionally moderate costs. Associated surgeons and doctor’s with IndianMedTrip are highly qualified and skilled. IndianMedTrip medical tourism company provides various facilities to their patient’s right from their arrival to departures such as accommodation, food, post/pre-operative consultation with doctors,  surgery appointments travel and sightseeing. IndianMedTrip Healthcare Consultants offers the best deals to their patients for a liver transplant at the cost-effective prices from top trusted hospitals in India.

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