Robotic Knee Surgery in India at the Lowest Costs

What is robotic knee surgery?

Robotic surgery is a new method which is used to perform surgery. This surgery uses very small tools which are attached to a robotic arm. In this surgery, the surgeon controls the robotic arm with a computer. Robotic surgery allows the surgeons to perform different types of complex procedures with more control, flexibility and precision over the surgery. Robotic surgery usually uses a minimally invasive approach which involves less incision, less loss of blood and less scarring. Robotic knee surgery is one of the most innovative treatments for people who are suffering from knee problems or osteoarthritis.

How robotic knee surgery performed?

robotic knee surgery

Firstly the surgeon makes an incision in and inserts miniaturized instruments and a high-definition three-dimensional camera through the incision. The robotic system shows the real-time images precisely on the screen which gives the surgeon more controls to manipulate the instruments. The surgeon can control the surgical procedure through the robotic system. While performing this procedure the diseased portion of the knee is resurfaced and the healthy bone and surrounding tissue are left behind. An implant is then secured in the joint which allows the knee to move smoothly again. While performing this surgery, the robotic arm and computer navigation provide the surgeon with pinpoint precision which enables them to provide the patient with optimal implant positioning and alignment.

Advantages of robotic knee surgery

Robotic knee surgery enhances the precision, flexibility and control during the operation and allows the surgeons to access the site much better as compared to any other traditional techniques used for knee surgery. By using robotic surgery, the surgeons can perform delicate and complex procedures which are difficult to perform with other methods. Robotic knee surgery has following advantages such as:-

  • Fewer complications.
  • Less pain.
  • Less blood loss.
  • Minimal tissue trauma.
  • Quicker recovery.
  • Robotic knee surgery provides the surgeon with a greater range of motion and dexterity.
  • Improved function of knee joints.
  • Shorter stay at the hospital.
  • More accuracy in knee alignment.
  • Low risk of blood clots.
  • No visible scars.

Robotic knee surgery In India

Robotic knee surgery is very expensive but in India, this technique is available at much lesser costs. World class medical facilities are available in India at very reasonable costs. India has a large pool of highly skilled and qualified surgeons. These healthcare facilities/ hospitals are equipped with the latest technology and techniques. Many patients from different countries come to India and avail the best facilities at very minimal costs.

Why Choose IndianMedTrip?

IndianMedTrip is one of the fastest emerging medical tourism companies in India. IndianMedTrip ensures that the associated patient gets best medical treatment and healthcare facilities in India. IndianMedTrip has a large network of associated surgeons and healthcare facilities in India. Visa assistance, accommodation at five-star hotels, fixing appointments with the surgeons, traveling, food and luxurious visits to exotic locations are some of the services offered by IndianMedTrip. Consultants at IndianMedTrip provides customized packages to their patients which can be altered according to the patient’s requirements.

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