7 Things You Can Expect After Brain Surgery

Brain Tumor

The working of human brain is complex but the system is quite delicate. Though protection is provided to the brain by a hard bony skull and strong tissues, it is likely to get affected by traumas, infections and tumors. Brain tumor surgery (craniotomy or neurosurgery) is the procedure performed on affected structures in and around the brain by cutting through the scalp and skull to gain access to it.

Expectations after Brain Surgery

Longer Time for Recovery


Since brain is the most complex body part and surgery involves opening up of skull for access to the brain, recovery takes much longer time than expected. The standard time is 6-12 months. The skull takes more time to get healed.

Longer Time for Nerves to Heal

During surgery when the doctor opens the skull, lot of tissues and nerves get affected as well. These nerves take plenty of time to get healed. These nerves become highly sensitive while healing and may sometimes cause pain in the head.

Wound Care

Wound care

Keep your incisions dry and clean as they are more prone to infection. Wear shower cap while bathing to protect your stitches from getting drenched in water. Always change the bandage if it gets wet. Do not apply creams or lotions on the wound unless prescribed. Consult your doctor if you see tenderness, redness or swelling in and around the wound.

Dizziness or Drowsiness

The medications continue for months and they may make you dizzy and drowsy. You will be feeling sleepy all the time and would sleep for days. You may barely stay awake for more than a few hours.

Self care

Eat proper food and take rest at times. Sleep well at night and do not lift objects. Avoid driving for a few months. Try not to bend over from your waist as it applies pressure on your head.


The doctor will provide you with prescription of medicines before you leave the hospital. Take those medicines at proper time and do not take any other medicine without your doctor’s consent. If you feel any kind of pain or problem, consult your doctor immediately.



This therapy may be necessary depending upon the area of brain operated upon. Some may need physical therapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy.

Avail Affordable Brain Tumor Surgery in India

Brain surgery in India is performed under the guidance of highly qualified neurosurgeons with very strong academic credentials. Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in India is lowest when compared to other medical tourism destination globally. The low cost affordable brain tumor surgery is provided only in India without compromising on the standards and success rates. It is therefore the best option for international patients to undergo brain surgery in India at budget friendly cost and save a maximum amount with excellent quality of treatment.

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