Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Debunking Myths of Breast Cancer

Among diseases widespread with half myths and half-truths, breast cancer is one of the most misunderstood. These myths misguide women and prove to be a complete disaster. Chances are every woman have heard few myths related to breast cancer and below are few myth busting points to make people aware of what actually causes breast cancer:


Myth No. 1: Under Wire Bra Causes Breast Cancer

This myth is based on an old theory that wearing underwire bra would reduce lymphatic drainage leading to breast cancer. However, there is no solid evidence which justifies this myth. After considering many factors and researches done, it was stated that there is no evidence linking bras to breast cancer risk. So all ladies can be assured that underwire bra or any kind of compression garment does not affect your risk of breast cancer.

Myth No. 2: Screening Test Radiations Cause Breast Cancer

Women believe that undergoing any screening test which emits radiations can cause breast cancer. This is absolutely false. Mammography does emit some radiation but that is far less than the standard radiation of chest X-rays. In fact, tests like MRI’s and ultrasound used to screen breast cancer contain no radiations at all.

Myth No. 3: Family History Is One Of The Factors Causing Breast Cancer

Women who do not have a family history of breast cancer are amazed and surprised when they are affected by breast cancer. This is because they believe that if anyone in the family is suffering from breast cancer then only they are likely to get affected with it. That’s absolutely wrong. Statistics state that less than 10% of the patients get breast cancer because of family history.

 Myth No. 4: Breast Cancer Occurs Only In Older Women

Women believe that older the age the more likely you are to get breast cancer. That doesn’t mean that younger women aren’t vulnerable. Breast cancer does not come with any specific age. It can happen to any woman of any age. Moreover, it is more aggressive among younger women.

Myth No. 5: Abortion & Miscarriage Increase Risk of Breast Cancer

The fact that having children before the age of 30 years can considerably reduce risk of breast cancer is absolutely true; however there is no strong evidence proving that miscarriage and abortions could increase breast cancer risk. This is truly a myth with no justification.

Myth No. 6: Plastic Surgery Causes Breast Cancer

Women might jump in happiness in case, they were desiring to reduce or enhance their bust size after knowing that there is no link between breast plastic surgery and breast cancer. In fact undergoing breast reduction surgery can reduce risk of breast cancer by about 60 percent. So go happy with plastic surgery as it does not contribute to breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Surgery in India

Breast cancer treatment in India represents amalgamation of the finest talents, latest equipment and deep expertise in combating breast cancer. Breast cancer surgery in India is performed by a team using the best surgical procedures, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy to deliver best-in-class outcomes. Breast cancer surgery cost is absolutely low and affordable with the affirmation of highest success rates. Scrap all myths of breast cancer and live freely by being aware of actual factors causing breast cancer.

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