HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer

prostate-cancerHIFU uses high-frequency sound waves targeted at the portion of cancer cells. The waves generate heat that destroys the cancer cells.

Who has HIFU?

Your doctor might suggest HIFU for:

  • newly detected prostate cancer
  • cancer that has returned in your prostate

You cannot have HIFU if your cancer has reached to other parts of your body (advanced cancer). Treatment can target:

  • the entire prostate (whole prostate HIFU)
  • specific portions of prostate cancer (focal HIFU)

It is a small surgery as a day case in hospital.

Before Your Treatment

You might have a prostate biopsy and an MRI scan prior to treatment. Doctors use this to plan your treatment.

On The Treatment Day

You have an enema to clear your bowels. An enema is a liquid put into your back passage. You stop drinking and eating for 6 hours before the method. You have a small tube (cannula) put into a vein in the back of your hand. You usually have a general anesthetic body.

During Treatment Procedures

Your doctors put a thin tube into your bladder across the hole at the end of your penis. The tube releases your urine. It is called a urinary catheter.

Your surgeon puts an ultrasound inquest into your back passage (rectum). The sound waves make a picture on the screen. It shows your doctor where to target the high-intensity sound waves. Your doctor moves the inquest around to treat all of the cancer cells. Whole prostate cancer treatment will take about 3 hours. Focal HIFU takes 1 to 2 hours.

After Your Treatment

When you have recuperated from the anesthetic, you can go home, usually on the same day. You might have a catheter a week to release urine. If you go back with a catheter, your nurse will tell you how to care for it. They will organize for it to be removed.

HIFU and Clinical Trials

HIFU is a new treatment. It is not available in every hospital. Your doctor might provide you HIFU treatment for prostate cancer as an area of a clinical trial. Research has shown that HIFU treatment for prostate cancer is safe. However, we still require more research about whether it is as good as other treatments and about its possible side effects.

Cost of HIFU Treatment

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