Do Electromagnetic Waves Help Fight Brain Cancer?

brain-tumorPrevalence of brain cancer has doubled up in past few decades. Nearly 62,500 new cases of brain cancer are expected to be diagnosed worldwide in the year 2017. Survival rate of patients varies according to age, type & location of brain tumor. According to latest researches, six out of ten brain cancers detected is glioblastoma brain cancer. Glioblastoma is the most deadly type of brain cancer. It arises from star-like cells of brain. Survival rate of patients suffering from glioblastoma is extremely low as it is highly malignant in nature.

Conventional Brain Cancer Treatment Methods

Depending on brain cancer diagnosis report, surgeons decide an appropriate plan for patients. Most commonly, brain cancer is treated by using one of the following methods.

  • Brain Cancer Surgery – Surgery is performed to remove the malignant tumor from brain of the patients.
  • Radiotherapy – It is a process of destroying harmful cancer cells by high intensity radiation.
  • Chemotherapy – This method uses powerful drugs to kill the brain cancer

Patients may suffer from various side-effects like hair loss, diarrhea, fatigue, hormonal changes and many more following these conventional treatment methods.

Latest Electromagnetic Wave Therapy for Brain Cancer

Top-healthcare studies have revealed that low-intensity electromagnetic waves can help treat various forms of brain cancer successfully. Medical professionals conducted study on a group of patients with glioblastoma brain cancer. Few of these patients were given electromagnetic wave therapy while others were treated with chemotherapy drugs. Results were surprisingly positive.  Most of the patients with glioblastoma can survive only a year or two after its diagnosis, as it is a highly dangerous form of brain cancer. It was observed that glioblastoma patients who were treated with latest electromagnetic therapy survived longer as compared to patients treated merely with chemotherapy. Also, side-effects following this treatment method were remarkably less.

Benefits of Tumor Treating Field Therapy

The current medical intervention which uses electromagnetic waves to treat brain cancer is entitled as ‘tumor-treating field therapy’. Outcomes of studies reflect that it significantly improves patient’s quality of life & minimizes chances of recurrence of brain cancer. Statistics state that around 200 internationally accredited hospitals are using this technology at present. This ratio will rise exceedingly in upcoming years. Top-notch cancer specialists consider it as a feather in the cap of brain cancer treatment.



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