Endometriosis Awareness Week: Symptoms of the Unusual Women’s Disease

Endometriosis Awareness Week’ is observed on 3rd of March to 9th of March every year. This event aims to spread important information and educate women regarding the painful condition of endometriosis. According to recent reports, nearly 176 million women are struggling from endometriosis worldwide. It is considered to be the most common reasons for female infertility. Furthermore, it may lead to ovarian cancer if not treated on time.

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What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a painful disease that results from the growth of endometrial cells outside the uterus. Root cause of endometriosis is still a topic of research. However, factors like embryonic cell growth, genetics, and estrogen hormone are known as the main culprit behind this condition. Low body mass index and consuming alcohol in excessive quantity increases the chances of endometriosis in women.

Signs and Symptoms of Endometriosis

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Severe and agonizing pain in pelvic region is a major endometriosis symptom. Some other signs and symptoms of this condition are listed below.

  • Infertility
  • Urinary problems like bloody urine
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Serious pain in lower abdomen during menstruation
  • Discomforting pain after physical intercourse
  • Sharp cramps one or two weeks around monthly cycle
  • Irregular and painful bowel movements
  • Nausea or vomiting sensation

Women in their reproductive age should have a regular clinical check-up. It will help in early diagnosis of endometriosis and other medical problems.

Best Treatments for Endometriosis

The enumerated points describe most commonly performed treatments for endometriosis.

  • Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs – Surgeons usually suggest drugs and medications like naproxen (Aleve, others) and ibuprofen (Motrin IB, Advil or others) aid relieve distressing menstrual cycle.
  • Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Analogs – These medications can efficiently suppress the production of estrogen. It stops menstrual periods for providing comfort to the patient.
  • Oral Contraceptive Pills – Some oral contraceptive pills may also be used to halt menstrual periods. It provides relief from compelling endometriosis symptoms.
  • Surgery – Endometriosis surgery is performed to minimize the growth of endometrial cells without disturbing patient’s reproductive organs. Laparoscopy is considered to be the finest surgical treatment procedure as it is capable of diagnosing the abnormal endometrial cells.

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Endometriosis awareness week encourages women to seek prompt healthcare provisions for identifying underlying condition of uterus. Endometriosis can be prevented as well as treated successfully with proper care.

For more details about Endometriosis and its treatments, see this article: https://indianmedtrip.com/articles/endometriosis-surgery-how-it-is-done-by-expert-surgeons/

Or, you can send in your enquiries via email at: help@indianmedtrip.com


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