Precaution to Be Taken Before Undergoing Spinal Tumor Surgery

Aim of spinal tumor surgery is to remove the tumor completely. However, it is not always possible as this surgery carries certain risks and complications. Therefore, patients must discuss regarding the surgical procedure in details with the respective spine surgeon prior commencing it. It will help patients to prepare for spinal tumor treatment and minimize the risk of post-operative problems.Tablet 40

Pre-Operative Evaluation Tests

Spine surgeons may order the following diagnostic tests to precisely check the condition of patient.

  • Medical History – Surgeons may ask the patients to bring their medical reports during the initial consultation. It will give a brief idea of patient’s health condition.
  • Imaging Tests – Imaging tests are essential to view the internal condition of patient. Therefore, surgeons may ask the patients to undergo certain imaging tests like CT scans, MRI scans, and some neurological exams.

These tests help the surgeons to decide a suitable spinal tumor treatment for the patient. It is important to choose a right healthcare provider for spinal tumor treatment to get positive results. A quality spinal tumor surgery can be expensive in countries like Australia and United Kingdom. Whereas, spinal tumor surgery cost in countries like India is one-third of the amount charged in western nations. Therefore, India can be a great choice for international patients seeking a high-quality surgery at reasonable costs.

Preparing for Spinal Tumor Surgery

The main goal of pre-operative evaluation is to decide the following factors and reduce post-surgical complications.

  • Anesthesia
  • Suitable medical treatment for spinal tumor
  • Monitoring during spinal tumor surgery
  • Post-operative pain management and care

Respective surgeons may ask the patients to follow the enumerated guidelines to get best beneficial outcomes following spinal tumor surgery.

  • Doubts and Concerns – Patients should ask their doubts or the concerns that they might have before signing the consent form.
  • Medications – Patients should frankly tell about the medications they consume regularly. Some anticoagulant drugs may interfere with the recovery process. Therefore, surgeons may discontinue these medicines before few weeks of surgery.
  • Smoking – Smoking can lead to various complications including delay in recovery. Therefore, surgeons may ask the patients to avoid or quit smoking prior 6 weeks of the surgery.
  • Advance Planning – Patients will need assistance for carrying out daily routine tasks like dressing, preparing meals, and cleaning after completion of spinal tumor Also, they will not be allowed to drive for few months. Therefore, patients should ask a family member or friend to stay and help them until the time they recover completely.
  • Food Intake – Generally, patients are not allowed to eat or drink anything prior 8 to 10 hours of spinal tumor

On the day of spinal tumor surgery, doctors will ask the patients to remove earrings or any other jewelry. They will also ask the patients to wear loose fitting clothes. Patients will definitely get benefited by following these simple general instructions.


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