5 Important Breast Cancer Symptoms Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Prevalence of breast cancer among women is increasing steadily nowadays. Breast cancer is a life-threatening disease that develops due to the formation of malignant cells in the breast region. Exact cause behind the occurrence of this disease is still a topic of research. However, certain factors like genetic mutations, family history of this disease, and intake of oral contraceptives pills can fuel up the possibility of breast cancer. This disease is highly treatable if caught early. Otherwise, it may lead to death of a patient in advanced stages.           breast-cancer-feature

5 Significant Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is not easily recognizable. The following list exhibit some major warning signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

  • Breast or Chest Pain – Women with an underlying breast cancer may feel pain in their chest or breast area. Severity of pain depends on the extent of spread of breast cancer. The pain is bound to increase with the advancement of cancerous tissues in patient’s breast. Chest pain does not necessarily signify breast cancer but there exist a possibility. Therefore, it is important to visit an experienced doctor on experiencing chest pain.
  • Itchy Breasts – This is a major symptom linked to inflammatory breast cancer. Patient’s breast may become extremely itchy, and makes them feel like scratching. Women should not ignore this symptom and seek a prompt medical treatment. At first, doctors may prescribe an ointment or cream considering the sign to be a skin disorder. However, patients should not hesitate to meet the doctor if this symptom still persists.
  • Upper Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain – It has been observed that breast cancer disturbs the normal body mechanism and causes pain by spreading in several areas, especially, spine and shoulder. It is a fact that normal pain in upper back region, shoulder area or neck goes away by taking proper rest or doing physical therapy. Whereas, in case of a repressed breast cancer, the body pain increases with time and deteriorates patient’s condition. Patients should consult a doctor if body pain starts to interfere with their daily routine.
  • Sensitivity or Change in Nipple Appearance – Any difference in shape or size of breast is mostly an indication of a breast-related problem especially breast cancer. Women should check with a gynecologist if they observe any unusual change in the appearance of breast area including nipples.
  • Swelling or Lump in Armpit – Majority of patients struggling with breast cancer admit that pain or lump in armpit is a sign of breast cancer. A hard lump under the armpit which doesn’t move even after touching should be brought to the doctor’s notice. In some cases, patients may notice a swelling near collarbone region due to the development of breast cancer. The average survival rate of breast cancer decreases with its advancement. Once it has spread beyond stage 4, the average survival is less than three years. Therefore, timely detection and an appropriate breast cancer treatment are important.

Breast cancer treatment cost may vary depending on the country and facilities of health care center. Breast cancer treatment in countries like India is extremely affordable. In fact, breast cancer treatment in India is merely a fraction of total amount charged in other developed countries. International patients may save up to 50 % of their money by choosing breast cancer treatment in India. Patients looking for economical as well as a quality breast cancer treatment may opt for India.

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