Benefits of Robotically-Assisted Heart Surgery

Robotic heart surgery is also known as closed chested heart surgery and is a minimally invasive procedure which is performed by a cardiac surgeon. A specially designed computer console is used to control the surgical instruments on robotic arms. Robotic heart surgery has completely changed the way that some surgeries are performed. This technology gives the surgeon the ability to carry out some complex heart surgeries using smaller incisions and precise motion control which results in better outcomes for the patients.

Robotically Assisted Heart Surgery

Benefits of Robotic Heart Surgery

There are many benefits of robotic heart surgery compared to traditional surgery:

  • The first advantage is that it is possible to complete the surgical procedure through very small incisions measuring approximately 1cm. Although this is not exactly a novelty as tiny incisions have been in use for many minimally invasive procedures like laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, arthroscopy and many other techniques in which cameras and endoscopic instruments are used.
  • The major difference is that the segments of the robotic instruments which go inside the body of the patient have joints. This means that they can move even better than a human hand and are not stiff like endoscopic instruments.
  • The high image quality is another advantage which offers the surgeon a clear and crisp high definition stereoscopic (three dimensional) view with enlargement up to 5 times the original dimensions.
  • The third advantage is the ability of the system to cancel the natural tremors in the hands of the surgeon. Although it is true that all surgeons are able to control their hands, sometimes a natural tremor can occur in spite of all the carefulness. There is a system in the robotic software that can filter the movements of the surgeon’s hand so that the movements are transmitted to the instrument without any tremors at all. There is a similar system used by military pilots to help them in landing on aircraft carriers which cancel the pitching of the landing platform caused due to the sea.
  • Anyone who knows about conventional laparoscopy also knows that the surgeon has to frequently look at a video monitor away from the instruments to be able to look into the surgical site. This increases the chances of the surgeon’s precision being compromised while with robotic heart surgery the instrument maneuvers are comparatively more complex and dexterous.
  • You also should bear in mind that robotic heart surgery is a minimally invasive procedure and this will result in reduced trauma to the patient’s body, lesser loss of blood, reduced post operative pain and discomfort, lower risk for infection, shorter stay at the hospital faster recovery and lesser scarring.

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