Advantages & Disadvantages of Undergoing Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

Anterior hip replacement surgery is a great example of how medical field is constantly evolving in order to improve outcomes for patients. Although, thousands of hip replacement surgeries are performed each year, only a fraction of these are currently using the anterior approach.

 Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

Potential Advantages of Undergoing Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Lesser Damage to Major Muscles – Since there are fewer muscles at the front of hip, the anterior approach avoids cutting through major muscles. Moreover, the orthopedic surgeon works through them in this approach rather than cutting through fibers or detaching muscles from bones.
  • Lesser Postoperative Pain – Patients typically experience lesser pain following surgery since the anterior approach does not require cutting muscle fibers. Additionally, lesser pain medications are therefore required by the patient.
  • Faster Recovery Time – With the anterior approach, patients can bend at the hip & bear weight as well as soon as they feel comfortable. Moreover, these patients can also use crutches or walkers sooner when compared to the traditional approach.
  • Decreased Risk of Hip Dislocation – Risk of hip dislocation is a major worry among hip replacement patients. Anterior hip replacement surgery is safer due to the fact that it does not disturb muscle & soft tissue structures which offer natural prevention from hip dislocation.
  • Better Range of Hip Joint Movement – With the anterior approach, hip replacement patients can also bend or sit with their legs crossed without facing the risk of hip dislocation, while patients who have undergone the traditional hip replacement procedure are advised not to sit with their legs crossed for at least 6 – 8 weeks following operation.
  • Shorter Stay at the Hospital – People undergoing anterior hip replacement surgery typically expect shorter stay at the hospital in comparison to patients undergoing the traditional approach. However, this also depends upon the patient & the frequency of physical therapy sessions which the hospital provides to the patient.

Potential Disadvantages of Undergoing Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Obese & Very Muscular Patients are Bad Candidates – This approach may not be suitable for obese & very muscular people depending upon the experience of the orthopedic surgeon since additional soft tissue will make it difficult for accessing the hip joint.
  • Technically Demanding Surgical Procedure – The operating surgeon typically faces a steep learning curve for the anterior approach to hip replacement surgery, mainly because it provides a restricted view of the operating site & which therefore makes it a technically demanding.
  • Potential for Nerve Damage During Operation – Although risk of injury to nerve is associated with any type of hip replacement surgery, but specifically more so with the anterior approach since this surgical area is located near to the lateral cutaneous femoral nerve which supplies sensation to the outer thigh. Therefore there is numbness in thighs & painful irritation of skin in rare cases following anterior hip replacement surgery.
  • Issues With Healing of Wounds – It is found that surgical incisions can get irritated in the anterior approach performed on large patients or people with large amounts of abdominal fat since it can take longer time for healing in such cases.

Affordable Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery in India

People willing to undergo anterior hip replacement surgery must remember that there are many factors involved in success besides the surgical approach. Knowledge & skill of the orthopedic surgeon, type of hip joint prosthesis, weight & build of the patient & willingness & ability of the patient to participate in rehabilitation are also important factors affecting successful outcomes. Orthopedic surgeons in India are however highly skilled & experienced in order to provide positive outcomes to internal patients. Moreover, anterior hip replacement surgery costs in India are also alluring apart from the quality of procedure, since they are much lower in comparison to similar procedures in other healthcare havens across the world. In fact anterior hip replacement surgery cost in India is just a fraction of what it takes in other places & patients willing to travel to other countries for affordable treatments can save substantial amounts of their hard-earned money as well.

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