Signs & Symptoms Warning Your Appendix is on the Verge of Bursting

Run-of-the-mill tummy troubles like diarrhea & constipation are quite common. Moreover, displeasure caused by stomach viruses & experiencing food poisoning sometime is also normal. However, appendicitis is quite uncommon & happens in among just 5 percent of the general population. But then appendix treatment is essential without which it can eventually rupture & pose a threat to your life as well.


No Reason to Panic Though

Yes, because not every case of appendicitis will end up in bursting this vestibule organ in humans. This does not mean that you let the condition go unchecked. Risk of appendix bursting will increase if it is left unchecked. So when you experience these warning signs, the first thing to do is go & see a doctor ASAP.

When Your Stomach is Hurting More than Ever

When severe pain is extending from belly button to lower right side of abdomen, it may not mean that you appendix is about to burst, but get going & undergo imaging tests like a CT scan. However, note that appendicitis patients have a distinctly different type of discomfort. But be careful when activities like walking, coughing or going over a bump in car is hurting. Your abdominal wall may be inflamed & appendix may be on the verge of bursting.

Nausea, Vomiting & Loss of Appetite

This could just be caused by a stomach bug & appendicitis may not be the reason. But then if you are additionally feeling queasy alongside having bad pain, go & talk to a doctor as well. Inflamed appendix sometimes is known to impact other aspects of the digestive & nervous system which may also lead to nausea & vomiting.

When You Are Running to Washroom More Often than Usual

Appendix in some people is positioned quite low in pelvis & close to the bladder. Bladder coming in contact with an inflamed appendix may get irritated & inflamed as well. You may be feeling like peeing all the time due to this. But then frequent peeing may also result from UTI, but when this symptom is coupled with others in the list, you know it is time to befriend a doctor immediately.

Shivering with Running Fever

Both, fever & chills mean that there is inflammation somewhere in the body & which you are battling. The body is ringing the alarm bell & rushing chemicals & fighter cell to the area which is under threat. If you also have localized stomach pain along with fever & chills, you know what you should be doing next!

Feeling Erratic & Confused

Confusion & disorientation generally means that an infection in the body is getting worse & might have entered the bloodstream as well. It does not mean that your brain is silent now, but the infection is getting worse & expending precious body resources, including oxygen & depriving the same to the brain. As a result you are feeling erratic & lost without brain function. Although it may or may not be appendicitis in the end, it is time you sought help & sooner the better.

Low Cost Appendix Treatment in India

Appendix treatment in India is a sensible healthcare solution for international patients not just because of the high quality of medical procedures but also because they are highly affordable. Appendix treatment cost in India is reasonable & much lower than what it takes to undergo similar procedures in other parts of the world. Overseas patients willing to travel to other countries for affordable healthcare solutions in fact can save substantial amounts of money because of the low appendix treatment cost in India without having to sacrifice on quality of treatments.

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