Types and Treatment Options for Solid Tumors

There are two major types of solid tumors which are known as sarcomas and carcinomas. However, surgery is most often the preferred treatment option for most types of solid tumors including sarcoma or carcinoma.

Types and Treatment Options for Solid Tumors

Sarcomas – These are solid tumors which are usually found on tendons, muscles, lymph vessels, ligaments, fatty tissue, bones, and in blood vessels. Of these, osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma are bone cancer sarcomas, while rhabdomyosarcoma is a soft tissue sarcoma which is typically found in muscles.

Carcinoma – These are solid tumors which usually form in epithelial cells. Epithelial cells are typically found in linings of organs, glands and in skin. Adrenocortical carcinoma is a common solid tumor which usually develops in either one or both adrenal glands which are located one above each kidney. 

More about Solid Tumors

While some solid tumors are found to go away on their own, others are required to be removed through an operation. Following this, solid tumor patients are also required to undergo checkups in order to ensure that tumors do not return. Moreover, certain solid tumors require more than a single operation as treatment and which include long-term use of medications, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or multiple surgeries for best chance of cure and proper function. Therefore, proper coordination of treatments is important for successfully dealing with solid tumors. Wide-spectrum of multidisciplinary efforts which make-up for a solid tumor cancer treatment plan include, proper nutrition, supportive care, physical and occupational therapies, speech therapy, complimentary therapies along with regular treatments. 

Treatment Options for Solid Tumors

 Correct diagnosis is paramount to cure. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are parts of a solid tumor treatment plan and which is either applied individually or in combinations which are most suitable to the patient. Surgical intervention may span across specialties like ear, nose, throat, orthopedic surgery, orthopedic oncology, urology, dental surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery or plastic surgery, and not limited to just general surgery. Fully trained and certified staff is required for treating solid tumors with chemotherapy in children and young adults with cancer. Radiation therapy is also utilized for some patients as part of the cancer treatment plan. Factors which are usually considered while determining solid tumor cancer treatment include the type of tumor, age and overall health of the patient. 

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