Types of Robotic Surgeries Available in India

Robot-assisted surgery is a new feather in the cap of science which has already created a buzz in medical field. As the name itself suggests, robot-assisted surgery is a procedure which involves the use of advanced computerized technology to achieve a high degree of precision and provide best beneficial outcomes to patients. Unlike traditional surgeries, this surgery does not involve manual work. Respective surgeons use a specialized medical software which is interlinked to a robotic arm. The software creates three-dimensional (3-D) images of patient’s internal body parts. Surgeons continuously monitor these images on a monitoring screen during the surgery. Robotic arm works just like a ‘human hand’. Surgeons carefully manipulate this arm by giving required instructions through medical software. Major advantage of robot-assisted surgery is that even the most complicated procedures can be performed with ease.

 Types of Robotic Surgeries Available in India

Different Types of Robotic Surgeries Available in India 

As far as robotic surgeries are concerned, India tops the list of best robot-assisted surgery providers. This country has a massive range of well-experienced medical professionals who are highly skilled. They have a great success record of performing various types of robotic surgeries. Here is a list of main types of robotic surgeries which are being performed in India.

Robotic Cardiac Surgery – Heart diseases can be managed successfully with the help of medicines and healthy life choices. However, serious cases need an apt surgical approach. Robotic cardiac surgery treats several heart conditions with the help of computerized devices. If you are suffering from severe heart problems such as coronary artery disease or valvular disorders, then you may consult cardiac specialists in India to know whether you are eligible for a robotic cardiac surgery. 

Robotic Gynecologic Surgery – Robotic gynecologic surgery may prove a better alternative to laparoscopic or open surgical procedures. It can be performed for treating various uterus-related problems in women especially fibroids and pelvic prolapse. This surgery will significantly reduce the chances of intense pain and heavy blood loss. 

Robotic Urologic Surgery – Robotic prostate surgery may prove beneficial if you are struggling with health conditions like prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney failure and urinary blockage. It can be performed with the help of small incisions and it involves much less trauma as compared to conventional surgeries. 

Robotic Colorectal Surgery – Robotic colorectal surgery is capable of treating conditions like colon cancer, rectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. Success ratio of this robot-assisted surgery in India is quite high. However, not everyone is a good candidate for undergoing this surgery. You may visit a qualified surgeon to understand the potential benefits as well as complications associated with robotic colorectal surgery.

Why Should You Opt for Robot-Assisted Surgery in India?

India is one of the finest medical destinations across the globe. This country has an impressive network of well-furnished health care centers and highly talented doctors. To be honest, robotic surgery cost in western nations like United States and Norway is very expensive. If you are looking for high-quality as well as cost-effective treatments, then India is the ultimate medical tourism destination. Here you will get best robotic surgery at nearly a fraction of the amount which other western nations demand normally. In addition to this, Indian doctors follow international protocols to ensure your safety. Therefore, you can rely on such medical services and visit India for availing excellent healthcare treatments.

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