Most Common Types of Lung Cancer Surgery Options for Lung Cancer Patients

According to latest reports of World Health Organization (WHO), prevalence of deaths occurring due to lung cancer in Saudi Arabia has increased constantly over these years. In fact, healthcare experts admit that lung cancer is responsible for nearly 4 percent of every newly diagnosed cancer among Saudi patients. An inactive routine and wrong life choices have become the major cause of development of lung cancer. Timely treatment can considerably help such patients in achieving a better and improved health.  Most Common Types of Lung Cancer Surgery Options for Lung Cancer Patients

Major Treatment Options for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is basically categorized into four main stages. Stage 1 indicates the developmental stage of cancer. Whereas, stage 4 is the end-most stage. The following list gives out major treatment options for lung cancer according to their stages.

  • Lung Cancer SurgerySurgery for lung cancer is the primary treatment option which is suggested to patients suffering from stage 1 and sometimes stage 2 also. Doctors may remove a specific area of patient’s lung that has become cancerous in nature or they may surgically remove a larger portion or entire lung in extremely severe cases. All these procedures are mainly performed under general anesthetic medications. Patients are asleep throughout their lung cancer surgery for minimizing the uneasiness.
  • Lung Cancer Radiation TherapyLung cancer radiation therapy is mainly given to patients in second or third stage of lung cancer. However, doctors may recommend lung cancer radiation therapy for stage 1 also in combination with surgery. Radiation therapy for lung cancer involves use of highly sharp and powerful radiation for killing the cancer-causing cells and tissues in lungs and surrounding areas. Patients are exposed to medical devices that emit these radiations. This procedure can be repeated three to four times in order to provide relief to lung cancer patients.
  • Lung Cancer ChemotherapyLung cancer chemotherapy is mainly recommended to patients in stage 3 and stage 4 of lung cancer. Lung cancer chemotherapy can be given to patients prior to their surgical procedure or afterwards in combination with radiation therapy. Chemotherapy for lung cancer involves use of highly effective drugs and medications that can kill cancerous cells in patient’s lung and nearby areas. Doctors may inject these medicines either through veins of patients or they may give it orally depending on patient’s condition.

Avail High-Class Lung Cancer Treatment in India

Thousands of global patients from different corners of world, especially Saudi Arabia visit India every year for obtaining medical provisions. One of the major reasons behind the increasing popularity of medical tourism from Saudi Arabia to India is the cost-effectiveness as well as quality of treatments that Indian hospitals provide. Highly qualified and talented cancer specialists in India provide high-quality healthcare solutions for diseases such as lung cancer. As a matter of fact, success record of lung cancer treatment in India is quite high as compared to Saudi Arabia. In addition to this, cost of lung cancer treatment in India is also highly economical. Saudis can retain up to fifty to seventy percent of the expenses which they might have to pay in hospitals of Saudi Arabia.


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