Avail the Best Aortic Aneurysm Repair Surgery in India at Reasonable Costs

aortic aneurysm repair surgery

Heart diseases in Saudi Arabia have become one of the top-most reasons for death. If we consider deaths related to only thoracic aneurysms, the ratio has increased by almost 16 percent from past few decades. According to a recent study conducted by Global Burden of Disease (GBD), high blood pressure, tobacco consumption, habit of smoking, and overexposure to substances like lead are the leading risk factors for development of thoracic aneurysms in Saudi Arabia. Hospitals in Saudi Arabia charge a large sum for treatment of thoracic aneurysms which is not feasible for common man. Such Saudi patients may opt for medical tourism in other nations such as India for availing aortic aneurysm repair surgery at reasonable costs.

Major Types of Aortic Aneurysm Repair Surgery 

Small thoracic aneurysms can be effectively managed by medications. However, large-sized aneurysms need a surgical solution in order to prevent them from rupturing. The following list gives out the two major types of aortic aneurysm repair surgery.

  • Open Heart SurgeryOpen heart surgery is considered to be a golden standard for repairing thoracic aneurysms. During this procedure, patients are given general anesthesia which makes them sleepy and minimizes discomfort and uneasiness throughout the operation. Respective cardiac surgeons make a long incision in order to reach the affected aorta. After that, they carefully remove damaged area and place a synthetic or artificial graft in its place. They fix the graft properly to avoid any leakage and close the incision. This step marks the completion of open heart surgery.
  • Endovascular Surgery (EVAR) – EVAR is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which can be performed to treat thoracic aneurysms. Respective doctors perform EVAR procedure by making small incisions in groin region of patients. Respective cardiac surgeons insert sophisticated thin and long medical devices into groin in order to access bulging aorta. In most cases, a tool called as ‘catheter’ is used to serve the purpose. Catheter contains a camera on its edge that can help doctors view internal details. In this way, doctors thread a mesh support with the help of catheter for repairing the underlying aneurysm.

Doctors are likely to recommend suitable surgery according to requirement and general health of patients for getting best outcomes. 

Avail Top-Class Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery in India

Apart from being an incredibly beautiful country, India has become the most-loved cardiac care destination across Saudi Arabia. This country has a massive range of super-specialty hospitals that strictly follow international protocols for maintaining safety and good health condition of patients. Most of the cardiac surgeons practicing in India are extremely talented and well-qualified. They are renowned for providing best results following minimally invasive cardiac surgery in India. In addition to that, cost of minimally invasive cardiac surgery in India is very affordable as compared to Saudi Arabia. Saudi patients can easily save up to seventy percent of their hard-earned money without compromising on quality of treatments by opting for medical tourism from Saudi Arabia to India.


India’s Best Cardiac Surgeons

Coronary Heart Disease or CHD in short is a disease where a waxy substance known as plaque builds up inside coronary arteries. These are the same arteries which supply oxygen-rich blood to the muscles of the heart. Whenever flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle is reduced or blocked, it can result in angina or a heart attack. Angina usually is discomfort or pain in chest which can feel like squeezing or pain in chest. Pain from angina can also be felt in back, arms, shoulders, neck or jaw. Angina pain can also sometimes feel like indigestion. Heart attacks occur when flow of oxygen-rich blood to a part of heart muscle is disrupted. This section of the heart muscle will die in case this blood flow is not quickly restored. CHD can over time weaken heart muscle & lead to arrhythmias & heart failure. Arrhythmias are problems associated with the rhythm of the heartbeat. Heart failure is a condition when the heart cannot pump enough quantity of blood to meet the requirements of the body. Apart from the affordability of cardiac treatment cost in India, heart surgery in India is an excellent proposition for international patients seeking excellent quality of medical procedures. Some globally renowned cardiac surgeons who are providing heart surgery in India are listed below.


Dr. Anvay Mulay

Dr. Anvay Mulay is a renowned vascular & cardio-thoracic surgeon who is presently heading the cardiac surgery department at Fortis Hospital in Mumbai, India. Contributing to this specialized field for the last two decades, he is having a vast experience of over 15 years & has performed over 4,000 successful beating heart bypass surgeries in the past. Dr. Anvay Mulay has initially worked in the UK & United States before settling in India. He has done pioneering work in cardiac surgery for adults, especially in the field of CABG procedures. His areas of interest include aortic aneurysm, aortic dissections, aortic root replacements, mitral – aortic – tricuspid valve repairs, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, total arterial revascularization & surgery for heart failure.

Dr. (Col) Manjinder Singh Sandhu

Dr. (Col) MS Sandhu is presently associated with Artemis healthcare & was earlier the senior consultant (Hon’y) interventional cardiology at Batra Hospital & medical Research Center, New Delhi. After having a distinguished career in the Indian Army Medical Corps, he was posted as senior advisor at Base hospital, Delhi Cantonment. He is also having the honor of being accompanying cardiologist to President of India on tours. He is having special interest in rotational atherectomy, complex coronary interventions, transradial interventions, balloon valvuloplasty, ECD’s & cardiac resynchronization therapy implants, & peripheral interventions including carotid & renal, pacemakers & device closure of congenital heart defects.

Dr. Yugal Kumar Mishra

Dr. Yugal K Mishra is currently the director, department of cardiovascular surgery at the Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre in New Delhi, India & has already operated upon more than 12,000 cardiovascular cases since the last 21 years. His specialties of interest include ASD closure, aortic valve surgery, Port access approach for mitral valve, OPCAB & MIDCAB. Dr. Yugal K Mishra has already operated upon over 1,800 cases with port access technology. Other areas of interest include redoing cardiac surgery of which he has already performed 1,000 redo cardiac cases. He also has the credit of starting the robotic cardiac surgery program at Escorts Heart Institute & has performed over 400 robotic cardiac procedures with excellent outcomes.

Dr. Z.S. Meharwal

Dr. Z.S. Meharwal is the director & coordinator of the department of cardiovascular & thoracic surgery at the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. He is having more than 25 years of experience in cardiac surgery & has performed over 20,000 procedures as on date, including a large number of complex cardiac surgeries. He is often invited to many national & international meetings as faculty & is having over 40 publications in peer reviewed journals to his credit. Dr. Z.S. Meharwal has received several awards including the President of India’s award for his contribution in the specialty of cardiac surgery. His field of medical interests include, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, surgery for heart failure including ventricular assist devices & heart transplantation, major vascular surgery, CABG in patients with poor ventricular function, carotid endarterectomy, valve repair & replacement, surgery of ascending aortic aneurysms & dissections & off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery.

Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer

Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer is India’s leading front ranking pediatric cardiac surgeon & is highly recognized for his clinical expertise & wide ranging experience in cardiac care for children. He has initiated the first dedicated pediatric cardiac care program at the Fortis-Escorts heart Institute & under his guidance this program has become the benchmark for cardiac care within the region of South East Asia. Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer has as of now operated upon more than 10,000 infants, children & adults with congenital heart diseases comprising of various cardiac procedures like arterial switch procedure, Fontan & Fontan type of procedures, double switch operation TAPVC repairs, corrections for Tetralogy of Fallot, Truncus, DORV & many others. He is also an expert in conduit repairs, senning operations & wide range of single stage & multi stage corrections of complex congenital heart diseases. Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer has done original work on two-stage arterial switch surgery & performed the first rapid two-stage arterial switch & double-switch operation in the country. Presently he is working on perfecting complex neonatal cardiac surgery, salvaging late presenters of congenital heart disease & cardiac surgery in malnourished babies & children.

Dr. Suresh Joshi

Dr. Suresh Joshi started as the Associate professor Cardiothoracic surgery at KEM Hospital & G.S. Medical College before moving onto Grant medical College & Sir J.J. Hospital in Mumbai. He later trained at Royal Children Hospital at Melbourne in Australia under the guidance of Dr. Roger Mee & later followed it up with training at Royal Alfred Hospital at Melbourne & St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. Subsequently, he was attached to several esteemed institutes in Mumbai including the Breach Candy Hospital, Saifee Hospital, Nanavati Hospital & Lilavati Hospital & Research Center. Dr. Suresh Joshi also was the director of the Department of CVTS at Jaslok Hospital & Head of the Fortis Pediatric Congenital Heart Center at Mumbai in India.

Affordable Heart Surgery in India

Cardiac treatment cost in India is one of the lowest in the world, while the quality of heart surgery is one of the best & at par with the best treatments across the globe. Moreover, cardiac surgeons associated with IndianMedTrip are highly ranked on a global scale & have over the last few decades delivered successful outcomes to the most complex heart problems. However, it would sensible of heart patients to understand that alongside these cardiac treatments they would also need to undergo lifestyle changes & take regular medications so as to effectively treat coronary heart disease.

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