Essence of Biological Therapy for Breast Cancer Treatment

Cancer has become a common disease nowadays. We all keep hearing every so often that someone died of cancer. Breast cancer is one of the leading types of cancers. It is a life-threatening health issue which can affect women as well as men. However, the ratio of its occurrence in men is very less as compared to that of women. This disease mostly occurs due to development of abnormal and harmful cells in patient’s breasts area. If you or your closed one are experiencing symptoms such as painful lump around breasts, sudden weight loss, changes in dimensions of their breast profile and redness around nipples then it is very important for you to visit a well-qualified doctor because these could be potential signs of breast cancer.

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Stage By Stage Treatment of Breast Cancer

Stage By Stage Treatment of Breast Cancer

The stage of breast cancer is a crucial factor in making decisions about the patients’treatment. In general, the further the breast cancer has been spread, the more treatment the patient will likely need. Anyhow, the patient’s treatment options are affected by their personal preferences and other information about the person breast cancer, like:

  • If the cancer cells consist of hormone receptors (i.e., if the cancer is ER-positive or PR-positive)
  • If the cancer cells have huge amounts of the HER2 protein (i.e., if the cancer is HER2-positive)
  • Patients overall health

Consult with the doctor about how these factors can affect the breast cancer treatment options.

Different Stages of Treatment 

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