Will Male Fertility Decline with Age of a Person

Yes male fertility impacts with growing age in a number of ways. As men age so do their sperm, declining the volume, motility, morphology, DNA fragmentation and structure of sperm. Do you know that sperm quality tends to decrease with growing age. Morphology and motility of a sperm are likely to degrade as you get older.

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Best Surgical Treatments for Male Infertility

Just like infertility issues in females, male infertility has also become one of the most common problems these days. Medical experts state that sedentary lifestyle, stress and poor eating habits are the prime reasons behind increasing prevalence of infertility in men. Major indication of male infertility is inability to conceive a baby. Chances of infertility in men increases significantly due to low sperm production. In addition to this, men who are suffering from sexual issues like painful ejaculation, lump around testicles and low sex drive are more prone to develop infertility. Such individuals must visit a doctor as early as possible in order to retain good sexual health. 

 Best Surgical Treatments for Male Infertility

Best Surgical Treatments for Male Infertility 

Initially, doctors may prescribe some essential medications or recommend hormone therapy for improving sperm production. However, if these non-surgical methods fail to deliver positive results, then the following surgical treatments may prove beneficial.

Varicocele Repair Surgery – Varicoceles refer to a health condition in which veins in patient’s scrotum become enlarged. It may result in poor sperm production if left untreated. Varicocele repair surgery can easily remove the swelling in scrotum and help improve fertility in men.

Vasectomy Reversal – Vasectomy is performed to provide a protection against pregnancy. This male birth control procedure may be reversed in order to help a couple conceive a healthy child. 

Ejaculatory Duct Resection – Ejaculatory ducts of men my get blocked and restrict normal ejaculation procedure. In such instances, an ejaculatory duct resection surgery can be successfully implemented. This surgery removes the underlying cysts by opening up the ejaculatory ducts and maximizes sexual health of men.

Assisted reproductive technology is a new feather in the cap of fertility treatments. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) method is one of the widely used ART treatment for infertility in men. Doctors may recommend IVF if patients do not get appropriate results from above-mentioned surgeries.  

Top-Class Male Infertility Treatment in India at Cost-effective Prices 

India is considered as one of the best healthcare tourism destinations across the world. Majority of accredited multispecialty hospitals in India follow international protocols and norms. This country has a giant network of experienced fertility specialists who hold great success record in providing best beneficial outcomes following male infertility treatments. In addition to this, male infertility treatment cost in India is also very reasonable and within the reach of a common man. Other western countries like Norway and Australia charge thrice the amount which Indian hospitals usually charge. Therefore, global patients seeking high-quality, as well as, economical healthcare solutions can depend upon male infertility treatment in India.

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