World Down Syndrome Day: Creating Awareness about Down Syndrome


21st of March is observed as ‘World Down Syndrome Day’. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder which occurs when a baby is born with an additional copy of their 21st chromosome. This condition may result in mental as well as physical disabilities in children. Experts reveal that 21st day and third month indicate the trisomy of the 21st chromosome that leads to Down syndrome. Therefore, this event is specifically scheduled on 21st of March. This event mainly aims at providing information regarding Down syndrome treatment and causes to spread awareness about this condition.

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Why Do New Borns Have Clicky Hips?

clicky hips

Hip is a significant weight bearing ball and socket joint. It is flexible in nature and allows a wide range of motion. The term ‘Clicky hips’ refers to a condition that causes a clicking sound in the hips of newborn babies. It is called as ‘developmental dysplasia of hips’ (DDH) in medical terms. Hip dysplasia signifies dislocation and instability of hip in an infant. Top healthcare reports reveal that one in 1,000 babies are born with clicky hips.

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