Rules to Follow Post Weight Loss Surgery

Most of the people think that bariatric or weight loss surgery is a magical cure for obesity. But the fact is, it requires a lot of hard work and strong will power to maintain long-term outcomes following any type of weight loss surgery. To be honest, you will need to change your routine lifestyle entirely for staying fit after your surgery. Here is a precise list of instructions that you will need to follow strictly during postoperative period.  Rules to Follow Post Weight Loss Surgery Continue Reading


Advanced Bariatric Surgery in India

Bariatric Surgery

bariatric surgery

Obesity is a health condition wherein excess body fats are accumulated inside the body. This excess fat deposits lead to multiple health problems. But it would be incorrect to put the entire blame on unhealthy eating habits as many other factors like hormonal imbalance, hereditary tendency, e.t.c. also need to be considered for the fat gain.

Bariatric surgery is a medical procedure that helps people to shed off the extra weight easily and effectively. The surgery is performed only for the obese or morbidly obese people who failed to lose weight with controlled diet and exercise regimes. Continue Reading

Get Rid of Extra Pounds with Gastric Bypass Surgery

Globally, obesity has become an issue of great concern as a high percentage of population are affected by it. In a large number of cases restrictive measures like diet and exercise failed to address the problem. Surgeries were developed as an effective measure to tackle the problem of obesity. Bariatric Surgery or surgery for weight loss is performed by using two different approaches; one technique restricted intake of calories while the other focused on malabsorption. However these procedures resulted in nutritional deficiencies, major complications and side effects.


A number of combinational procedures like Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RGB) and Extensive Gastric Bypass (or DISTAL Gastric Bypass) emerged. These procedures do not rely on just malabsorption but they also include restrictive intake techniques. By integrating the two approaches, surgeons can now bypass a minor portion of the intestines. Continue Reading