Cosmetic Surgery in Goa

After imposition of the famous “boob tax”, breast enhancement cosmetic surgery in Britain will now jack up medical bills by an average of 20 percent. This value added tax is equally applicable on all aesthetic plastic procedures performed in that country. Breast augmentation Surgery which would cost around US$11,000 in United States would merely cost around US$3,300 for the same procedure in India. While medical tourism is still a growing sector in India, many reputed plastic surgeons have initially trained for decades in western like UK, Canada & United States before returning to their homeland. Healthcare experts agree that cosmetic surgery sector in the country is effectively growing between 20 – 30 percent the exact number of international patients coming here for plastic procedures is yet not clear. Many tourists in fact bundle Cosmetic Procedures along with normal travel itineraries. High quality & low cost of procedures are however the main reason driving foreign tourists to India for cosmetic surgeries.


NUSI Wockhardt Hospital

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