How Arthrofibrosis can Impact Knee Replacement

What is Arthrofibrosis?

Arthrofibrosis is a form of orthopedic disorder that develops mainly in the knee joint. This condition is caused commonly due to the formation of scar tissue in the knee joint following an injury or a major surgical operation on the knee, such as knee replacement surgery.

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Robotic Knee Surgery in India at the Lowest Costs

What is robotic knee surgery?

Robotic surgery is a new method which is used to perform surgery. This surgery uses very small tools which are attached to a robotic arm. In this surgery, the surgeon controls the robotic arm with a computer. Robotic surgery allows the surgeons to perform different types of complex procedures with more control, flexibility and precision over the surgery. Robotic surgery usually uses a minimally invasive approach which involves less incision, less loss of blood and less scarring. Robotic knee surgery is one of the most innovative treatments for people who are suffering from knee problems or osteoarthritis. Continue Reading