Undergo the Best Male Infertility Treatments in India at Reasonable Costs

Reports suggest that a staggering twenty percent of couples in United Arab Emirates (UAE) suffer from infertility related issues and almost in 50 percent of these cases it is males which are the causative factor. However, male infertility is now a worldwide issue and studies suggest that the main causes relating to male infertility are stress, smoking, diabetes and obesity. According to estimates put out by the World Health Organization (WHO) there are about 60 to 80 million couples in the world who are suffering from infertility problems. In light of these facts and figures, it is very important that we understand the issue of male infertility.


What Causes Infertility in Males?

Male infertility is defined by both, drop in the sperm count and deterioration in quality of sperm. Male infertility occurs on both occasions. For the male sperm to be fertile, it should be there in the required normal number and possess the required motility or movement of aspect. Although both these aspects are important, motility of sperm is prime and essentially required.


Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Procedures

Although there is stigma attached to male infertility, the good news is that more and more men are nowadays coming forward to acknowledge the problem. There is a more tolerant and broad-minded approach towards male reproductive health nowadays. Moreover, ART procedures like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and other infertility treatments have proven to be very helpful for childless couples.


  • In Vitro Fertilization Commonly known as IVF in short, In Vitro Fertilization is a series of complex ART procedures which are used as treatment for infertility. Mature eggs are collected from ovaries during In Vitro Fertilization and fertilized by sperm in a laboratory. Subsequently, the embryo (fertilized egg) is planted within the woman’s uterus. In Vitro Fertilization can be performed using the patient’s own egg and the partner’s sperm or take recourse to known or anonymous donors for the purpose of conception.
  • Intrauterine Insemination Also known as IUI in short, Intrauterine Insemination is a type of artificial insemination performed as infertility treatment. Sperms are washed and concentrated in the Intrauterine Insemination ART procedure before placing it directly in the female uterus around the time ovary would release one or more eggs. Expected outcome of Intrauterine Insemination is that the sperm would swim into the fallopian tube so as to fertilize a waiting egg and eventually result in normal pregnancy.
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Also known as ICSI in short, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a special type of In Vitro Fertilization which is normally used for treating severe cases of male-factor infertility. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection involves injecting a single sperm into a mature egg for fertilization. During Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection procedure embryologists selectively use better quality of mature sperms.


World-Class Infertility Treatments in India

Infertility treatments in India are at par with the best that are available in the developed Western countries like the UK, Canada and the United States. Infertility specialists in India are globally recognized to be highly trained and well experienced doctors having delivered numerous successful outcomes in the past. Apart from this, infertility treatments in India are reasonably priced and in fact just a fraction of what it takes to undergo similar treatments in Western countries. Overseas patients can therefore save almost 70 percent of their hard earned money by undergoing good quality of affordable infertility treatments in India, without compromising on the quality of ART procedures.


Best Minimally Invasive CABG Surgery in India is Affordably Priced

Occurrence of cardiovascular diseases has steeply increased within the Gulf countries in the last decade. Factors contributing to this rise are environmental conditions and poor dietary habits of the community in a fast-growing urban setting. Children within the Gulf countries like Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia are more at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases according to a report by the World Heart Federation. Passive smoking and fast food for these kids living in densely populated cities lacking green spaces has further compromised health of people in this region. 98 percent of Kuwaiti population, 84 percent of neighboring Saudi Arabia and 78 percent of UAE citizens are living in highly urbanized cities nowadays. Risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases greatly increase for any community which is undergoing rapid transition from traditional lifestyle to a more modern and highly urbanized society.


What is Coronary Artery Disease?

Coronary artery disease is a heart condition which develops when major blood vessels supplying blood to heart muscles become damaged or diseased. Coronary artery disease usually happen when cholesterol-containing plaque deposits form within the coronary arteries so as to narrow or block the passage of blood through them. Partial blockage of blood to the heart muscle usually results in shortness of breath, angina (chest pain) or other signs and symptoms associated with coronary artery disease. Complete blockage of blood flow through a coronary artery however causes heart attacks.


What is Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery?

Coronary artery bypass graft is a surgical procedure which is performed for severe cases of coronary artery disease. Also known as CABG surgery, coronary artery bypass graft effectively restores supply of blood to the heart muscle through a graft blood vessel which bypasses the blocked portion of the coronary artery. Coronary artery bypass graft surgery in the past was performed only through the open-chest heart procedure and which also involved using the heart-lung machine. However, coronary artery bypass graft is nowadays progressively being performed using the minimally invasive approach.


Benefits of Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

Benefits of minimally invasive coronary artery bypass graft surgery for coronary artery disease include smaller scars due to smaller incisions which are required by this approach. Most patients undergoing minimally invasive coronary artery bypass graft surgery also experience lesser pain alongside shorter stay at the hospital following operation. Moreover, there is lower risk of bleeding, infection and blood transfusion with the minimally invasive coronary artery bypass graft procedure and patients are also able to return faster to normal activities due to shorter period of time which is required for recovery.


Minimally invasive CABG surgery in India is an excellent opportunity for heart patients around the world who are concerned about the rising cost of healthcare within their homeland. Many cardiac surgeons in India have in fact initially trained and experienced for decades in developed Western countries like UK, Canada and the United States before returning to their homeland. They are adept at performing the most complicated heart surgeries and are comfortable while adopting and handling the latest techniques. Minimally invasive CABG surgery in India for coronary artery disease is not only world-class in quality, but is also available at reasonable costs. Overseas patients seeking minimally invasive CABG surgery in India can save almost 70 percent of the amount of money they would be paying while undergoing similar treatments in other countries

Best Bone Marrow Transplant in India for Leukemia Patients is Highly Affordable

There are mainly three types of blood cells that help in regulating good condition of our body namely – red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells (WBC), and platelets. Leukemia is a dreadful disease which is caused due to growth of abnormal and cancerous white blood cells in an individual’s body. Prevalence of leukemia has become common among people belonging to United Arab Emirates (UAE). Medical practitioners are still conducting studies to identify the main cause. However, it has been observed that sedentary lifestyle, habit of smoking, and improper food consumption has resulted in such conditions in United Arab Emirates.

Best Bone Marrow Transplant in India for Leukemia Patients is Highly Affordable

Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) is an Effective Treatment of Leukemia

Bone marrow is basically a supple tissue which is present inside the bones. Bone marrow contains specialized kind of cells called as ‘stem cells’. These stem cells have a tendency to grow into any of the three major types of cells which regulate proper functioning of body. Bone marrow transplant is a highly advanced type of blood cancer treatment. During this medical procedure, respective doctors remove the harmful cancerous cells from bone marrow of patients suffering from leukemia and replace them with healthy and fresh stem cells. These new stem cells considerably help in growth of RBC, WBC, and platelets and thus help leukemia patients to recover at a faster rate. This is why bone marrow transplant is also referred to as stem cell therapy. This procedure mainly involves the following steps for its completion.

  • Before Stem Cell Therapy – Before BMT or stem cell therapy, doctors are likely to perform radiation therapy or chemotherapy procedures. If radiation therapy is performed, patients will be exposed to high-intensity radiation. Whereas, if chemotherapy is performed they will be given anti-cancer drugs either orally or through an injection. These procedures can significantly help in destroying the unwanted and cancerous cells from patient’s bone marrow to a large extent.
  • During Stem Cell Therapy – During bone marrow transplant, doctors will implant healthy stem cells into patient’s blood through an intravenous transfusion. These healthy stem cells can be either taken from patient’s body or from a donor. These stem cells will generate new healthy cells in patient’s body over a few months. This blood cancer treatment takes just a couple of hours to complete.
  • After Stem Cell Therapy – There may arise a risk of severe infection following stem cell therapy. Therefore, once this blood cancer treatment is completed, patients will need to take care of themselves. Doctors will give them clear instructions to aid faster healing. They will also recommend frequent medical checkups in order to monitor the patient.

Avail High-Quality Bone Marrow Transplant in India

India has become a popular destination for availing blood cancer treatment due to its top-notch services. This country has a large number of accredited multi-specialty hospitals which are renowned for providing blood cancer treatments including stem cell therapy. Indian oncologists are worldwide acknowledged for their skills and excellence. To be honest, they are adept in performing and delivering best results following bone marrow transplant in India. In addition to this, cost of bone marrow transplant in India is also less as compared to nations like UAE. Therefore, patients from UAE looking for high-quality as well as cost-effective solutions can choose to undergo bone marrow transplant in India.

Avail the Best Aortic Aneurysm Repair Surgery in India at Reasonable Costs

aortic aneurysm repair surgery

Heart diseases in Saudi Arabia have become one of the top-most reasons for death. If we consider deaths related to only thoracic aneurysms, the ratio has increased by almost 16 percent from past few decades. According to a recent study conducted by Global Burden of Disease (GBD), high blood pressure, tobacco consumption, habit of smoking, and overexposure to substances like lead are the leading risk factors for development of thoracic aneurysms in Saudi Arabia. Hospitals in Saudi Arabia charge a large sum for treatment of thoracic aneurysms which is not feasible for common man. Such Saudi patients may opt for medical tourism in other nations such as India for availing aortic aneurysm repair surgery at reasonable costs.

Major Types of Aortic Aneurysm Repair Surgery 

Small thoracic aneurysms can be effectively managed by medications. However, large-sized aneurysms need a surgical solution in order to prevent them from rupturing. The following list gives out the two major types of aortic aneurysm repair surgery.

  • Open Heart SurgeryOpen heart surgery is considered to be a golden standard for repairing thoracic aneurysms. During this procedure, patients are given general anesthesia which makes them sleepy and minimizes discomfort and uneasiness throughout the operation. Respective cardiac surgeons make a long incision in order to reach the affected aorta. After that, they carefully remove damaged area and place a synthetic or artificial graft in its place. They fix the graft properly to avoid any leakage and close the incision. This step marks the completion of open heart surgery.
  • Endovascular Surgery (EVAR) – EVAR is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which can be performed to treat thoracic aneurysms. Respective doctors perform EVAR procedure by making small incisions in groin region of patients. Respective cardiac surgeons insert sophisticated thin and long medical devices into groin in order to access bulging aorta. In most cases, a tool called as ‘catheter’ is used to serve the purpose. Catheter contains a camera on its edge that can help doctors view internal details. In this way, doctors thread a mesh support with the help of catheter for repairing the underlying aneurysm.

Doctors are likely to recommend suitable surgery according to requirement and general health of patients for getting best outcomes. 

Avail Top-Class Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery in India

Apart from being an incredibly beautiful country, India has become the most-loved cardiac care destination across Saudi Arabia. This country has a massive range of super-specialty hospitals that strictly follow international protocols for maintaining safety and good health condition of patients. Most of the cardiac surgeons practicing in India are extremely talented and well-qualified. They are renowned for providing best results following minimally invasive cardiac surgery in India. In addition to that, cost of minimally invasive cardiac surgery in India is very affordable as compared to Saudi Arabia. Saudi patients can easily save up to seventy percent of their hard-earned money without compromising on quality of treatments by opting for medical tourism from Saudi Arabia to India.

Most Common Types of Lung Cancer Surgery Options for Lung Cancer Patients

According to latest reports of World Health Organization (WHO), prevalence of deaths occurring due to lung cancer in Saudi Arabia has increased constantly over these years. In fact, healthcare experts admit that lung cancer is responsible for nearly 4 percent of every newly diagnosed cancer among Saudi patients. An inactive routine and wrong life choices have become the major cause of development of lung cancer. Timely treatment can considerably help such patients in achieving a better and improved health.  Most Common Types of Lung Cancer Surgery Options for Lung Cancer Patients

Major Treatment Options for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is basically categorized into four main stages. Stage 1 indicates the developmental stage of cancer. Whereas, stage 4 is the end-most stage. The following list gives out major treatment options for lung cancer according to their stages.

  • Lung Cancer SurgerySurgery for lung cancer is the primary treatment option which is suggested to patients suffering from stage 1 and sometimes stage 2 also. Doctors may remove a specific area of patient’s lung that has become cancerous in nature or they may surgically remove a larger portion or entire lung in extremely severe cases. All these procedures are mainly performed under general anesthetic medications. Patients are asleep throughout their lung cancer surgery for minimizing the uneasiness.
  • Lung Cancer Radiation TherapyLung cancer radiation therapy is mainly given to patients in second or third stage of lung cancer. However, doctors may recommend lung cancer radiation therapy for stage 1 also in combination with surgery. Radiation therapy for lung cancer involves use of highly sharp and powerful radiation for killing the cancer-causing cells and tissues in lungs and surrounding areas. Patients are exposed to medical devices that emit these radiations. This procedure can be repeated three to four times in order to provide relief to lung cancer patients.
  • Lung Cancer ChemotherapyLung cancer chemotherapy is mainly recommended to patients in stage 3 and stage 4 of lung cancer. Lung cancer chemotherapy can be given to patients prior to their surgical procedure or afterwards in combination with radiation therapy. Chemotherapy for lung cancer involves use of highly effective drugs and medications that can kill cancerous cells in patient’s lung and nearby areas. Doctors may inject these medicines either through veins of patients or they may give it orally depending on patient’s condition.

Avail High-Class Lung Cancer Treatment in India

Thousands of global patients from different corners of world, especially Saudi Arabia visit India every year for obtaining medical provisions. One of the major reasons behind the increasing popularity of medical tourism from Saudi Arabia to India is the cost-effectiveness as well as quality of treatments that Indian hospitals provide. Highly qualified and talented cancer specialists in India provide high-quality healthcare solutions for diseases such as lung cancer. As a matter of fact, success record of lung cancer treatment in India is quite high as compared to Saudi Arabia. In addition to this, cost of lung cancer treatment in India is also highly economical. Saudis can retain up to fifty to seventy percent of the expenses which they might have to pay in hospitals of Saudi Arabia.


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Avail World-Class Atrial Septal Defect Surgery in India for Your Child

High death ratio due to congenital heart defects in Saudi Arabia has raised many questions on its healthcare system. It is a fact that a massive range of children from Saudi Arabia die every year due to such diseases. There is no doubt that this country has good healthcare centers that are well-resourced with latest technology and medical devices. To be honest, very few patients in Saudi Arabia can avail such high-quality medical facilities because of expensiveness of treatments.

Avail World-Class Atrial Septal Defect Surgery in India for Your Child

What is Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Surgery? When is it recommended?

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Undergo High Quality Advanced Lung Cancer Treatment in India

Magnitude of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in populations of Saudi Arabia can be attributed to high rate of smoking in the country. Moreover, almost 33 percent of smokers in the country smoke both, cigarettes and water-pipe. There is a common misconception among people that smoking water-pipes is harmless; while the fact is that smoking water-pipes are more damaging as plasma nicotine resulting from water-pipes is much more than it does from cigarettes. For this reason, awareness among the population about harmful effects of tobacco in all forms needs to be emphasized. Although treatment of COPD and lung cancer treatments are available in the country, it is the rising cost of healthcare which is of concern.

 Undergo High Quality Advanced Treatments for Lung Cancer in India

What is COPD?

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